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Speed Watch - G-Shock - DW5600C

 A little change of pace here, but we're going to talk about watches.  I've been wearing a G-Shock on my wrist for a long time now, and have no plans on changing that.  I've worn digital G-Shocks as well as analog models, both are great, but this blog post is about a famous model.  We've got the need for speed, but we aren't talking NASCAR.  No, no, no, THIS is about the bus that couldn't slow down (thanks Homer). Jack Traven, what a strong name btw, is an LAPD officer called to the scene of a building downtown where there are several people trapped in an elevator and a madman has strapped explosives to the rails.  He wants 3.7 million dollars or he blows the brakes.  Well, when Jack Traven isn't shooting hostages, he's thinking about what watch he should be wearing that day.  For the extent of the film, it's the DW-5600C, now known as the "Speed watch" by collectors.  This model has been out of production for a long time but a similar desi

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