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The F-117 Nighthawk

 Yes, the plane that Steven Seagal died in in Executive Decision.  Glad we were both thinking about that scene when you read the title. It first flew 41 years ago, on June 18th, 1981.  Or at least that's when they told us it first flew.  Before it was the F-117, it was "Have Blue" and it spent a lot of time in some lake in Nevada for testing.  Not sure where that is, but I'm sure someone knows.  The project was built on the theory of a soviet mathematician who wrote a paper called Method of Edge Waves in the Physical Theory of Diffraction .  You haven't read that?  Me either, but someone did otherwise we probably wouldn't have a plane as funky looking at as the F-117. As a young kid growing up in the 90s, man I loved this plane.  All military planes I guess.... Yeah, I was that kid that always went over to buddies houses to watch 80s action movies on TV and shoot toy guns all over the house for hours and hours.  Most badass movies and video games back then usu

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