Area 51 & S4

 I started a book a few weeks ago written by Bob Lazar about his time at Area 51 and S4.  I'm a few chapters in and it's been great so far.  It's obviously a case of who/what do you believe, but I've seen several interviews with Bob and people he's worked with, and he makes a compelling case.  The Federal Government has more than proven that it can't be trusted to tell the truth on hundreds of issues, but there have been tons of people talking about aliens since the dawn of time.  Either way, it's been an interesting read so far.

Based on the name of this blog/website, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that I have a strong interest in science fiction, Area 51, the Nevada desert, secret government operations, etc.  After all, Black Mesa Research Facility is the setting of the video game Half Life.  

The idea behind this blog is to publish random thoughts, pictures, and links to generally related subject matters.