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Major! The three of us won’t fit in there. 

Sure you will!

Ah, yes. Bruce Willis living his best life as Korben Dallas in The Fifth Element (1997). It’s far from the “best” Sci-Fi movie of the 90s, but it definitely has a style of its own that is enjoyable to watch to this day. The industrial futuristic wasteland isn’t quite up to the standards set by Blade Runner, but it’s not nearly as bleak and hopeless either. 

Was Korben Dallas a bit like a mellowed out Duke Nukem?  I don’t know, maybe. I never saw him smoke a cigar or say he had balls of steel, but he kicked a lot of alien ass all the same. The humor is definitely there too, delivered in a style Bruce Willis has done previously as John McClane in Die Hard or Joe Hallenbeck in The Last Boy Scout. 

What I’m getting at here is The Fifth Element is about as far from hard Sci-Fi as Happy Gilmore was from a legit sports movie. But it works because of good casting and the fact it fit well for the time period. Younger audiences of the 2020s might not have received this movie as well because it’s not some Marvel movie character crap that gets served up 2-3x times a year now.

Yeah, I know, this blog sure is a love letter to the 90s. Deal with it. Green?