Let me speak to Don Giovanni, over.

Don, this is your old pal Wolfgang. How are ya buddy?

Peter Weller became a Sci-Fi legend because of the Robo-Cop series (yeah I’ll probably do a blog post about that at some point), but a lot of people aren’t familiar with the hidden gem known as Screamers (1995). There’s no aliens here, nope, all the scary crazy killing machines are made by humans….kind of. Humans started making them, but the rumor was that once they flipped the switch to turn on the machines, they ran like hell and never looked back. 

Raw materials, ahem, raw materials *that are profitable* have lead to some serious conflicts in the real world and on the big screen. This story is no different, except it takes place on a planet other than Earth. Sirius 6-B to be exact. A long, long, long way from home, with little hope of ever getting back there. After the initial nuclear war, the only people left are small groups of soldiers on both sides of conflict, and the screamers.

1995 was a big year for movies, and this one unfortunately got lost in the frenzy. If you’re a fan of slightly “B movie” tier Sci-Fi movies, well, you’ve probably already seen this one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it more than once, or buy the BluRay, or introduce it to a friend.

And for you civilized folk, there’s opera music and Shakespeare quotes galore. Live it up.